Tokyo Tower & me

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Every time I arrive at Haneda airport and get on the monorail that brings me to central Tokyo, it is the Tokyo Tower that I can see here and there between the offices and other high buildings, which makes me realize that I actually am in Japan`s capital. Built in 1958, the tower, being 333 meters high, had once been the tallest communications tower in the world, and at that time obviously had been higher than every other building nearby. Although the construction was inspired by the Eiffel tower in Paris, it is taller than the original (324 meters). The tower, once a symbol for Japan`s modernization, nowadays seems to be almost a little bit outdated, – but even though they built the Skytree as new landmark of Tokyo, for me the orange-white Tokyo Tower still is and always will be the symbol of the city.

Before I came to Japan for the first time, I had already seen the tower in numerous anime and in the Japanese movie „Tokyo Tower: Mom and me, and sometimes dad“. Then, when I lived in Japan fo the first time for a longer period, I actually lived near the tower and also worked there in an American restaurant nearby. Nowadays I often go there to do some sightseeing, when friends come to visit Tokyo. As soon as I leave the subway station Daimon, see the big gate, the temple nearby and then the tower itself, I feel a bit nostalgic… It is a good place for old memories and for making new ones.

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    • Von unserem ersten Besuch in Japan ist mir der Tokyo Tower – neben der Tokyo Gameshow – auch am meisten in Erinnerung geblieben^^ Ja, ich glaube, wir sind damals hochgefahren und dann runtergelaufen…

      Gefällt mir

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