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(English only this time ;))

Although I started learning the piano when I was a kid, then switched to the flute, later to the saxophone and I even took some violin lessons, before I tried to become an adult, – I have never had the patience (not to mention the talent) to master any of these music instruments. I guess,this shows that I was always fascinated by learning something about music, but I was never convinced that I at some point would actually be able to play my favorite classics or movie tracks. That is why, even without any musical talent, I am still proud to be part of a new indie music project. Please click the link below and like our Youtube-video!


Lemon Market by Sputnik Sweetheart

Or you could also like the artist`s Facebook-page 🙂




5 Kommentare

  1. That was really cool! I wish I could do something like that. To one day be a part of a band is on my bucket list! lol
    I unfortunately never got to learn to play an instrument when I was younger even though I really wanted to, because we were pretty poor growing up. I don’t have the time and patience to start now

    Gefällt mir

    • You should definitely still try to learn to play an instrument! I have heard from people in their fifties who just started learning the piano ^^ If I had more time I would love to practice the piano or the flute again.

      Gefällt mir

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