A Video Shoot at the Ocean

„So my love, I’ll go across the sea
So you know I’ll go far, far away“

– Across the Sea/ Sputnik Sweetheart

(See page 2 for the German version)

On a beautiful day in January, we rented a car and drove to Chiba Prefecture, which is right next to Tokyo, to shoot a music video. As the title of the song for the video is ‚Across the Sea‚, the scenes of course had to include the ocean somehow. But more on that later.

While we were driving the 80 kilometers to Kujukurihama coast, I was already getting a bit excited. Not only because we would shoot the video, but also because I have always associated the sea and beach to ‘being on holidays’ and ‘relaxing’. Further, I could not really remember when I had last been at the ocean, it must have been at least half a year ago. Although Japan is an island and the sea is never really far away, needless to say, that does not mean that you can watch the sun setting into the sea every weekend, especially not if you live in such a time-consuming city like Tokyo. Anyway, we were traveling by car, and sooner than expected got away from Tokyo, the landscape changing into green fields on both sides of the street and into houses that stood wide apart from each other. The air became fresher, then salty, until finally the sparkling ocean showed up on the right side of the road in front of us.

After arriving in the coastal region, which in summer is often visited by surfers and day trippers from Tokyo, we first wanted to get something to eat, and found ourselves in a restaurant where we could grill different types of big clams and oysters on a small barbecue grill at our table. Then we actually started to film the video. Despite the sunny weather and clear blue sky, there was an icy wind blowing, its melancholic sound merging with the sound of the waves. We braved the cold until in the evening the sun sank behind the houses across from the ocean, and enjoyed the quietness, the salty air and the vastness of the almost deserted beach that seemed to promise freedom. I imagined myself living in a house near the ocean, with a small café, from where I would be able to see the sun rising up from the sea and the sky turning pink every morning. Of course, this was only wishful thinking, but feeling a little bit stronger and more relaxed we left and returned to our day-to-day lives (and worries) in Tokyo.

And what about the video, you ask? Well, check it out for yourself 😉

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