Dining with Alice in Wonderland

(See page 2 for the German version)

Since some time ago came across this article about the Alice in Wonderland – theme restaurants in Tokyo, I really wanted to try them out. To be honest, I kind of like kitschy decor, as well as Lewis Carroll’s story itself and the many Alice merchandising stuff which, in Japan, can be purchased almost everywhere. Thus, one evening we decided to go to the Alice themed restaurant in Shibuya that has the magical name Alice in a Dancing Land. By the way, I would recommend to make a reservation in advance, as otherwise you might have to wait a long time to get a table. Besides, you are only allowed to stay and eat at the restaurant for two hours, after that the magical spell will be over.

And I must say, the decorations were not bad at all: High walls with paintings showing Alice-scenes, cheezy crystal chandeliers, as well as small animal figures (including of course the March Hare) could be found everywhere in the small restaurant. The waitresses in their cute blue Alice dresses hurried back and forth between the tables and our menu looked like an oversized version of the March Hare`s pocket watch. Besides, with every food one of the waitresses brought to our table, she told us very seriously something Alice-related about it (for example, we should be careful NOT to eat the bread that was served as an appetizer because we would shrink otherwise). Unfortunately the food itself was quite disappointing. Although dishes like the ‘centipede avocado salad’ looked cute, they did not taste overwhelmingly delicious, to put it nicely, – most izakaya chain restaurants offer better food for a much lower price. But since this seems to be the case for many theme restaurants here, I probably shouldn’t complain too much about it.

To sum it up, going to the restaurant was quite an interesting experience, but maybe once was enough 😉

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