Inspiring Photographers: Iida Erika

Since I have become more and more interested in photography lately, I have been looking into inspiring photographers as well. One of them is definitely Iida Erika (飯田えりか), a young (born in 1991) and aspiring photographer, who I met during the photography workshop I attended recently, as she was our teacher back then.

Although she just graduated from Nihon University College of Art in Photography in 2014, she has been very active already, with some art projects and exhibitions going on. On her website she says that she is making art works because of her strong wish to shoot ‘girl pictures’, and this is really the main theme in her photography. But as simple as that theme may be, I really like how she captures her model’s personalities and how all of her pictures have this dreamy and kind of longing atmosphere.

She has also published two photo art books recently, but they are currently sold out on Amazon Japan:
Life is Short (ライブイズショート)


Last week Iida Erika was kind enough to give me a short interview, so I transated it below:

Q: What camera(s) do you use?
A: Digital – Nikon 600D, Analog – Nikon FE, Fujifilm Klasse W, Mamiya C 330 (twin-lens reflex camera)

Q: Since when did you become interested in photography?
A: When I was in my second year in high school, we had a photography class and at this time, I started to really focus on taking pictures of this one girl I liked the most. It was really important [for me] to take pictures of her.

Q: Who is your favorite photographer?
A: This is difficult to answer. One person I can really relate to and who I got to like is Aoyama Yuki (青山裕企), and there is also Fujii Tamotsu (藤井保), who I like because he is a photographer, whose very pure photos help me, whenever I feel bad.

Q: What do you think is the most important thing when taking pictures?
A: When you take pictures of people, I would say it is ‘love’. Be it an interest that is there, or self-consciousness, – if you feel something that is similar to love, you can take good pictures, I think. Photography makes me very aware of this (= having a feeling very similar to love towards the girls [I take pictures of]), and that is what has attracted my interest.

Q: Is there a famous person you would love to shoot someday?
A: Yoshitaka Yuriko (吉高由里子). Somehow she has really interested me since a long time. I also bought her photo book, which my teacher made, first.

Japanese photography Iida Erika 7 Japanese photography Iida Erika 6 Japanese photography Iida Erika 5 Japanese photography Iida Erika 4 Japanese photography Iida Erika 3

(All pictures including the featured image ©飯田えりか, taken from her website with her permission)

Thank you very much Iida-san, and good luck with your future works!

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