Creative overflow at Tokyo Design Festa

(See page 2 for the German Version)

I had already heard about the Tokyo Design Festa for the first time a few years go, but although I was very interested in attending that event, it never quite worked out time-wise, – until now! This year in May, I finally managed to visit the Design Festa Vol. 41, which took place on 16 and 17 May in the Tokyo Bigsight – exhibition halls. The Design Festa is a huge art event where everyone, from amateur hobby craftsmen to professional designers or photographers, can display and sell their art. About 3000 booths are available for the artists, who can apply for them and then will be drawn at random.

So, along with about the 58,000 other visitors I attended the event, – and I must say I had a lot of fun! Approximately 60 percent of the booths, maybe more, were specialized on jewelry in various shapes and colors (you could buy everything, from colorful plastic macaron – necklaces to professionally made high-quality silver jewelry), home decor items, bags and other accessories, whereas the other booths offered paintings, portrait-drawing of visitors, or photographs. I was especially impressed by the ‘live’ painting by artists on huge walls in the exhibition halls. There were also some live performances, but I didn’t there and only heard a very loudly screaming metal band, when passing the stage area.

For me it was really exciting to see all the different booths and to talk to the exhibitors, who were all very nice, (I even met Kaila, who is a quite famous Japan blogger, and whose blog I read from time to time!), and to get inspired by the many colors, shapes and ideas everywhere. After walking around for about six hours I was pretty exhausted with all the creativity there, so in the end I was also quite happy to get on the monotonous train to make my way home. The next Design Festa takes place in November, – and I might be there again, too 🙂

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