Tokyo Through the Lense of Naoki Honjo

(English only, this time :))

Naoki Honjo, a Japanese photographer born in 1978, started his career in 2004 and since then had his works exhibited not only in Japan but also at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. His photographs are complex works showing reality in a different way. Even though the motives for his famous works are quite simple photo motives like land- and cityscapes (buildings, a swimming pool or cars on a street), what makes them special is that they look like artificial little worlds, small dioramas.

In an interesting interview with CNN he describes how he researches regions with a flat landscape, and that he uses a helicopter to shoot his photos from above.

I like how his everyday-scenes don’t look average at all, and his unique approach of showing, how small we are in this world.

You can find out more about Naoki Honjo and his works on his official homepage, and for even more impressions I totally recommend purchasing his photo book Small Planet.

Naoki Honjo  Ikebukuro

Naoki Honjo Sakura

Naoki Honjo Shibuya

Naoki Honjo Shinkansen

Naoki Honjo Tokyo scysrapers

Naoki Honjo Tokyo station

Naoki Honjo Tokyo Tower

(All photos and their copyrights belong to Naoki Honjo)

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