Okinawa, Part 3: Finding Nemo

(See page 2 for the German version)

I have great respect for the ocean. And with respect, I mean fear, I feel scared of its depth and the many huge creatures that may live somewhere down there (I have probably seen too many „Jaws“ – like films in my childhood…). Nevertheless, at the same time, I am fascinated by this huge underwater world and always a little jealous when seeing diving pictures of friends on Facebook. And since we were in Okinawa with its turquoise-blue waters, we wanted to also take a look below the surface and thus decided to venture into our first snorkel adventure!

And what an adventure it was! This was probably mainly due to our very interesting snorkelling instructor and captain, who navigated us on his tiny little ship (or boat) over meter-high waves and showed us some hidden snorkel paradises, while always keeping us entertained with his adventurous sea stories (“By the way, here I recently had an encounter with a 3-meter-long shark“…). The snorkeling itself was also really exciting – it was amazing to be able to see the many colorful coral reefs and fish and to get to know this small underwater society!

So, what about Nemo, you ask? Well, of course we found him, too 🙂

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