Exploring Shinjuku with the Olympus OM-D

(**See page 2 for the German version**)

When I was living in Japan for the first time for a longer period, I was taking the train from Saitama to my language school in Tokyo every day, and also had to change trains every time in Shinjuku. Shinjuku, with its huge station, its millions of crowds and many many different exit (!), – and all this without any sense of direction, in an era without smartphones and Google Apps, and with only very limited Japanese ability. That was about six years ago. Meanwhile, I have now been often enough in Shinjuku to know how to get from the East to the South exit, from which Cafe one has the best view over the area, or how to get from Shinjuku Gyoen to the shopping districts near the train station. This might not be very impressive for other people living in Toyo, but for me, now with better Japanese language skills, but still with a non-existent sense of direction, this is like a delicious ice cream on a hot summer day. Or winning the lottery. Well, you know what I mean.

Anyway, last weekend I had the opportunity to get to know the western part of Shinjuku a little bit better, thanks to a photography course that was held there, – while at the same time also being able to to try out a camera that has been on my wish list since a while, – the Olympus OM-D.

While on the east side of Shinjuku station there are a lot of bars, Kabuki-cho and many shopping opportunities, the area seems to be a little bit quieter on the west side. With wide sidewalks, lanes, and many corporate skyscraper buildings it could probably be called the business district of Shinjuku. Equipped with our cameras we made it to the area around the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, went up there, and also discovered Shinjuku Central Park and a little brand new-looking shrine nearby. Despite the heat of the day I had a splendid time with the art filters of the camera, -but see it for yourself 😉

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