A Date in Kamakura

(See page 2 for the German version)

To celebrate my first anniversary since I moved to Tokyo and as such to celebrate our one-year of living together (the time has flown by, btw.!) my boyfriend and me decided to spend a nice day (date) in Kamakura. Kamakura, which lies about 60km away from our home in the southwest, in Kanagawa Prefecture, is a very popular destination for both people from Tokyo as well as travelers. No wonder, as it offers numerous old temples and shrines, cozy little streets and plenty of beaches.

That is why we didn’t really expect to be able to spend a relaxed day, but instead we just wanted to eat some delicious food and take a few pictures. Since we arrived in Kamakura around lunchtime, our first destintion was Dankazura-kosuzu (段葛こ寿々), where we ate homemade soba noodles. Then we walked (in the heat of, mind you, 34 degrees!) the two kilometers to Hokoku-ji Temple, which is also famous for its small bamboo forest. Unfortunately it is probably a little bit too famous, seeing that dozens of other visitors had the same idea. Due to the long queue in front of the teahouse we gave up on our original plan of drinking matcha tea there in front of the classic Japanese garden, and instead went to a small deserted cafe on the way back to the station, to get some ice cream (or gelato as Italian ice cream is called in Japan).

When the sun was already starting to set, we made a short detour to the beach and had fun there watching a little bulldog, who was clearly enjoying his time by the ocean. At the end of our day, we went to the Italian restaurant Amalfi Della Sera, where one can dine on a terrace while having a great ocean view. Although we had to wait for 40 minutes until we finally got a table, we were rewarded with a fresh sea breeze and, by Japanese standards, a huge (and delicious) pizza. It was a perfect date day 😉

2 Kommentare

  1. The atmosphere you capture in your photographs is stunning!
    You enable your viewers to refeel the atmosphere and the time of the taking.
    Looking at them has a similar effect as doing mini-meditation. 🙂

    Gefällt mir

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