Photographing Asakusa at Night

(See page 2 for the German version)

Here I stood, shivering a little bit (it was quite chilly for an August evening in Tokyo), with my hands tight, in order to prevent the camera, or better the tripod, to which it was attached, from moving. That being said, I was shooting with a shutter speed of 30 seconds, – that means having to wait 30 seconds, until you hear the shutter clicking and can see the finished picture on the camera display..! So, why was I in this uncomfortable position, rather than having fun watching the bright colors of the Tokyo Skytree excitedly, like all the other visitors, you ask?

Well, when I heard of a photo workshop about night photography, and on top of that with the Nikon D750 I simply had to sign up for it. Mainly, because I am absolutely bad at properly handling ISO and shutter speed, and my photos of night views have so far been rather embarrassingly blurred snapshots, – but also, because I will most likely never buy such a high quality and expensive camera like the Nikon D750. Two good reasons to stand near Sumida river for three hours, and take pictures of the Skytree, the `golden flame` of the Asahi Beer Hall building, that I always find a little bit quirky, and the passing tourist boats. And as you can see, the results aren’t that bad, right? 😉

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  1. Da sind wirklich gute Bilder bei rausgekommen! So einen Workshop hätte ich auch dringend mal nötig. Fotografie ist so ein schönes Hobby, da man sich bewusst Zeit für die Dinge nimmt, die man sonst im Alltag einfach übersieht, aber es ist kein einfaches Hobby. Nachtfotos haben besonders viel Charme finde ich. Mehr davon bitte.

    Gefällt mir

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