Goodbye 2015 and Welcome 2016!

– I’m an idealist. I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m on my way. –
Carl Sandburg

(Only English today…)

It is already January 2nd and I have neglected this blog a little bit in the last weeks. I was quite busy with Christmas preparations and events, and also spent two awesome (but exhausting) weeks in Germany that did not leave me with any time to spend on social media (which of course is a good thing, as well ;)). But that is not the only reason, I was also feeling at loss of what to do with this time-consuming blogging and, even more, in what direction I want to go with my photography. I haven’t quite figured it out, yet, but I’ll be buying a new camera soon, so that might help … 😉

2015 feels like a really rushed and busy year, and thinking back now, I feel like I never really had enough time to do everything that I wanted. While I am having busy times at work about every other month (this is Tokyo/ Japanese work culture, after all), I must admit that on weekends I also spent a lot of time in front of my computer, indulging in blogs and Korean dorama, while hiding from the world and recovering from all that busyness that is Tokyo. As I am pretty sure that this year will be as busy again, I would really like to focus on a better time management in order to be able to DO more, meet more with my old friends (or make time for Skype calls), sleep more on weekday nights, do more sports, learn more, acquire a new skill (I really want to learn how to put on a kimono/yukata) and procrastinate less (as much as I enjoy doing that XD). That being said, despite a few failures, some unavoidable drama and emotional downs, I feel that 2015 was a pretty good year and that I am ‘on my way’, as the quote said 😉

Here are my highlights of this last year:

1. Thanks to my talented boyfriend, I now have my own song and music video that we shot in Chiba in January this year. Still feeling embarrassed and proud about it at the same time XD

2. In April I joined a photo class that I am now visiting once a month, – which was probably the best decision that I could have made. While the pace at class is slow and I am really bad at understanding technical things, learning more about cameras and professional photographers has opened a whole new world for me. Also, my class is going to do a photo exhibition in April this year, which will be another exciting experience.

3. Of course one of my highlights was also my really great vacation on Ishigaki Island, Okinawa. I instantly fell in love with this beautiful place and its turquoise ocean and definitely want to go back to explore the other Okinawa islands!


4. I not only visited Japan’s most southern prefecture (see above), but also its’ most northern prefecture, Hokkaido, this year for the first time. This vacation was perfect for me, as I felt quite stressed and frustrated with wok-related things at that time, and eating the delicious fresh food, experiencing the nature and the clean air was really refreshing for me. I also still think that I want to live in Hokkaido some day 😉


5. This year I again visited Germany during Christmas time, after spending it in Japan last year. While family matters can be stressful, too, and I had a few ‘culture shock’ moments with Germany’s critical and always annoyed society, I still love to go back, see my family and friends, take a stroll through the beautiful old parts of the cities, be able to talk in my own language (!!) and indulge in cheese and bread and my favorite chocolate spread (after all, German breakfast is the best ;)).


I wish you all a wonderful, successful and satisfying NEW YEAR 2016! Looking forward to all the new experiences!!

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