I got nominated for a Liebster Award :)

Vimala from the delicious-looking baking blog https://allesvonherzen.wordpress.com/ has nominated me for a Liebster-Award! Vielen Dank, liebe Vimala!
The Liebster-Award (by the way, this is a German word meaning ‚Dearest‘) is an award from bloggers to bloggers with not-yet-so-well-known blogs. There seem to be several different rules you can follow, if you accept the award, but I will just copy the rules that Vimala posted:

If you were nominated for and have accepted the Liebster Award…Liebster Award
• Danke dem Blogger, der dich nominiert hat
–> Thank the person who nominated you.
• Verlinke den Blogger, der dich nominiert hat
–> Post a link of their blog on your blog.
• Füge eines der Liebster-Award-Buttons in deinen Post ein
–> Display an image of the award on your blog.
• Beantworte die dir gestellten Fragen
–> Answer the questions about yourself, which have been provided to you by the person who nominated you.
• Erstelle 3 neue Fragen für die Blogger, die du nominierst
–> Create three new questions for the bloggers who you would like to nominate.
• Nominiere 2 Blogs, die weniger als 300 Follower haben
–> Nominate 2 blogs with less than 300 followers.
• Informiere die Blogger über einen Kommentar, dass du sie nominiert hast
–> Inform the blogs that you nominated about their Liebster award.

The following were Vimala’s questions:
1. Was ist für dich das Schönste am Bloggen? (What do you like most about blogging?)
I like that I am able to express myself and that I can create something lasting, that I look back to in a few years. I also like that, other than a diary, I can share my memories, experiences and pictures with others.
2. Wie schaltest du nach einem stressigen Tag ab? (How do you relax after a long and stressful day?)
I like to do 10-15 minutes yoga, and take a bath (especially in winter, almost every day). Unfortunately I come home really late on weekdays, if it’s a stressful time at work, so there is not more time to do anything else ;(
3. Welches ist deine Lieblingsbeschäftigung, abgesehen vom Bloggen und dem Hobby, über das du bloggst (What are your favorite activities , besides blogging and the hobbies you are blogging about?)
Sleeping and eating probably doesn’t count, so…I also love reading other blogs, reading in general, going to the movies or visiting an art exhibition, watching Korean drama, shopping, yoga and planning my next travels 🙂

I would like to nominate two blogs that I really like reading and that do not yet seem to be known very well (although I do not know their exact numbers of followers…)

1. Mary from http://rubyronin.com/, because she is a real (English) writing inspiration for me. She has lived and worked in Japan and China and is now back in the US, but still has many wonderful and interesting little stories to tell.
2. Tessa from http://wanderweib.de/. She is also a German blogger living in Japan and I admire her for being so active, as she seems to go hiking every week or so…! She has tons of information (in German) on her blog for anyone who is interested in hiking in Japan.

It would be awesome, if you would accept the award, nominate two other small blogs and answer the following questions:
1. What is your motivation for blogging?
2. Who or what inspires you?
3. How does your perfect (free) weekend day look like?

Thank you 🙂

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