First Cherry Blossoms in Nakameguro

(See page 2 for the German version)

Even though I kind of like winter in Japan, I always feel a little bit down at the end of February, waiting for warmer weather and a less freezing apartment (and less overtime, as it always get very busy from February…!) for what seems to be endlessly long. Anyway, by the end of March I cannot wait for spring to finally show up, no longer needing a coat and, of course, the first cherry blossoms in Tokyo. Today, it was finally there, a spring-like weekend day, and fortunately I had already made appropriate plans for such a sunny Saturday : a stroll through Nakameguro.

The area is not only famous for its many cafes and thrift shops, but also for the about 800 sakura trees alongside the Meguro River, that transform the river with their fallen flower petals into a pink stream in mid-April. By the way, in it’s full-blown glory the scenery looks like this:

Unfortunately we had come a bit too early for that, even if the crowds that came to enjoy the spring weather like us, were not put off by the few cherry blossoms: it was as crowded as during a street festival, and beer and Japanese fast food were offered at food stalls on the way. Nevertheless, we enjoyed our walk, which also led us to Nakameguro Park, and after we headed into the side streets, there were surprisingly few people there. Our stroll then ended with some coffee gossip in a vegan cafe with the cute name „Rainbow Bird Rendezvous„. I should remind myself much more often to not stay at home on sunny weekends, but to simply to grab my camera and go out. This time it was definitely worth it 🙂

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