Inspiring Japanese Photographers to follow on Instagram

(English only today…)

I haven’t been a very diligent blogger lately. One of the reasons for this is that I was really busy, working long hours and only coming home before midnight to just fall into my bed and be too tired to even be frustrated about it. Welcome to Japan’s end of old/ beginning of new fiscal year (end of March/ beginning of April)! While I am pretty sure that this life style is NOT healthy, leading to becoming more and more unproductive throughout the day, fatigue and even depression on the long term, it also kills any creativity (at least for me). When I feel tired and unmotivated on the weekends due to a long long work week, I like to get inspired visually, and one tool that is pretty good for this is Instagram. With my own growing interest in photography I have been following quite a few Japanese (hobby) photographers lately. Here are my current top 5:
Blaak_ame’s account is all about dreamy photos with tiny bits of reality here and there. He/she often uploads pictures taken with an analogue camera, as well. Top!
Yu_film has the cutest little girl ever and takes lots of adorable pictures of her. This account will make you smile 🙂
I like Yuriko’s (Yurikonoiro) neon-colored photos. I would definitely hang something like this on my apartment’s walls, just because those bright colors make me really happy.
The Instagram account does not reveal much about its user, but his/her pictures are beautiful in a way that they seem to reveal the small special little moments in daily life. You can find many portrait pictures but also many photos of Japan everyday life here.
This might be my absolute favorite account at the moment. I cannot get enough of those beautiful portraits with their perfect light, flowers and softness. This account definitely inspires me to become a better photographer.

(All images belong to their respective owners.)

Do you have any Instagram accounts that inspire you?

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    • The little girl is so cute, isn’t she?
      I think it’s all about learning from other photographers and taking many many pictures yourself, but yes, I hope I will be as good as they are, one day, too^^;

      Gefällt mir

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