Busan travels – a photo story

(English only today, – sorry ;))

During Golden Week this year I went to Busan for a few days. As we were already in the south of Japan, in order to visit Arita, South Korea was just a ferry-ride away, and I also wanted to visit a good friend there that I hadn’t seen for a long time.
It was my second time in the port city, already, but it didn’t cease to amaze me again with it’s beautiful bright colors, delicious and cheap food (although it has gotten much more expensive since my first visit in 2013…) and the somewhat rough but hearty mentality of it’s people (oh how I wish to become fluent in Korean one day, to be able to communicate more!). Our little trip really inspired my inner (photo) artist, so this time I would like to present it as a photo story on this blog:

We arrived on a sunny Monday and the first thing we had to see was of course…

Busan sightseeing Korea photography

…the Busan Tower, the city’s landmark. Couples can write a message and leave a ‘love luck’ on the fence there, but instead of being too much of a tourist…
Busan sightseeing Korea photography-2

…we soon headed to a restaurant for a delicious typically Korean meal. It was spicy and huge…
Busan sightseeing Korea photography-3

…and sadly didn’t leave enough space in our stomachs for the street food in Nampo-dong.
Busan sightseeing Korea photography-4

The streets were decorated for the Lotus Lantern festival to celebrate Buddha’s birth Mid-May…
Busan sightseeing Korea photography-5

…but we already had our next destination in mind: The Gamcheon Culture Village…
Busan sightseeing Korea photography-6

…one of Busan’s poorest residential areas that has been transformed into a touristy area of street art.
Busan sightseeing Korea photography-16

There was much to explore: Strange things…
Busan sightseeing Korea photography-7

…quirky decorations…
Busan sightseeing Korea photography-8

…wall art…
Busan sightseeing Korea photography-9

…a beautiful view…
Busan sightseeing Korea photography-10

…cute things and little alleys…

Busan sightseeing Korea photography-15

…the very popular ‘The Little Prince’ statue…
Busan sightseeing Korea photography-13

…where you had to queue up for a picture (which I couldn’t resist, of course)…
Busan sightseeing Korea photography-14

…and the king (or queen?) of the neighborhood that graciously posed for a picture.
Busan sightseeing Korea photography-17

The next day started slowly, while we waited in our hotel for a typhoon to pass. Luckily, around noon the sun came out and we headed to Seomyeon, a university area…
Busan sightseeing Korea photography-18

…where we found a cute little coffee shop with an amazingly delicious hot chocolate.
Busan sightseeing Korea photography-19

Afterwards we went to a cheap Korean massage place, where we got a not so relaxing (ouch), but probably effective massage, and ended our day exhausted but happy…
Busan sightseeing Korea photography-20

…with a huge (!) vegan (!) healthy meal. That gave us enough strength for an eventful next day,…
Busan sightseeing Korea photography-21

…where we saw beautiful lanterns all over the place…
Busan sightseeing Korea photography-22

…at Haedung Yonggungsa Temple (http://www.yongkungsa.or.kr/en/), one of the most famous temples in Korea…
Busan sightseeing Korea photography-23

…that is beautifully located near the ocean.
Busan sightseeing Korea photography-24

After seeing even more lanterns…

…we decided to head to a small hiking spot near the beach, which gave us a splendid ocean view of Busan.
Busan sightseeing Korea photography-28

Our day ended with a few drinks…
Busan sightseeing Korea photography-30

…and Busan’s famous night view at Gwangalli beach.
Busan sightseeing Korea photography-29

The next day, Thursday, was already our last day in Busan. In the morning we went to Haeundae beach…
Busan sightseeing Korea photography-31

…which was still a little bit too cold for swimming, but nice for a walk.
Busan sightseeing Korea photography-32

We said goodbye to the beach…
Busan sightseeing Korea photography-33

And so our little Busan adventure came to an end 🙂
Busan sightseeing Korea photography-34

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